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At Heliospectra we have over a decade’s worth of experience in researching plants and their relationship with light, and we've learned a thing or two about LED grow lights. With our research background and drive for innovation, it’s easy to see how we’re able to create lights, control systems, and services that offer the consistency and flexibility required for any research project. 


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ELIXIA: Your Next
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Featuring up to four tuneable wavelengths, variable light intensities, and exceptional build quality, ELIXIA is our most popular LED research light. Designed with plant scientists in mind, ELIXIA is at home in any research or AgTech environment.


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Our Lights

Our LED grow lights have been designed with growers in mind. Providing either a variable or tunable spectrum of light to cater to every crop's needs at any growing stage.

Plant Research & Case Studies from
Our AgTech Partners

Heliospectra has worked with researchers and scientists all over the world. Below are just a few example.

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Ground-breaking speed breeding research at John Innes Centre

The John Innes Centre is a renowned, independent, and international center of excellence in plant science, genetics, and microbiology. Learn how the team was able to achieve wheat generation from seed-to-seed in just 8 to 9 weeks, considerably faster than the usual four to five months under sodium-vapor lamps or in a naturally lit spring/summer glasshouse.

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“We can program dynamic changes in the light intensity which is not possible with other conventional light fixtures. We have the capability of determining what the plant response would be under specific wavelengths.”
Dr. Shizue Matsubara

Senior Researcher

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